visiting Pilates teacher & physiotherapist with global vision

We are delighted to introduce our international guest teacher, Chiara Galvan. 
Chiara is an extensively trained Classical Pilates teacher and Physiotherapist. Originally from Italy, Chiara currently works and studies in London. Chiara is a passionate proponent of the Classical Pilates Method for the treatment of injuries and overall body well-being. Chiara recognises that Classical Pilates compliments physiotherapy greatly. Learn more about Chiara here:

Written by Chiara Galvan:

I have always been interested in medicine and the biomechanics of the human body. After graduating as a Physiotherapist in 2010 I then worked for four years treating patients with orthopedic and neurological conditions in Italy. 

I have a deep passion for gymnastics, dance and performing arts. I am also very aware of how important it is to have a global vision when it comes to rehabilitation.  In 2013 I decided to do a Post Graduate Masters in Postural Science in Rome. It was there that I was introduced to Pilates and it was love at first sight.

I completed my final research on the efficiency of traditional Pilates method in back pain treatment with Sabina Formicella, a Romana’s Pilates teacher trainer at True Pilates Italia. At that point I had decided that I really wanted to go deeper into this incredible technique.

One year later I decided to move to New York and certify as a Romana’s Pilates Instructor at True Pilates New York under the guidance of Sari Mejia Santo and other Master teachers - Cynthia Shipley, Cynthia Lochard, Jerome Weinberg and Anthony Rabara. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life!

After I certified in 2015 I moved to London, where I teach Classical Pilates and work as a Physiotherapist.  I work with people of all abilities and I especially love to treat dancers, circus artists and performers. I feel Classical Pilates has definitely given me a very different eye when it comes to treatment and outlook on injuries and overall fitness.

At the moment I am doing a Masters in Sport Medicine where I am researching about the efficiency of Pilates in treating dance injuries. I am looking forward to visiting and teaching in Dublin!

Don't miss this great opportunity to work out and learn from our wonderfully skilled and trained guest teacher.

Chiara is teaching at The Pilates Studio Dublin from Monday 3rd October - Saturday 8th October. 

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