Or 'Contrology' is a method of body conditioning as a unique system of over 500 stretching and strengthening exercises done with Pilates apparatus and on a floor mat. Designed to develop the body uniformly the system was developed in 1920s by the legendary physical culturist Joseph Hubertus Pilates. Its focus is far beyond rehabilitation - achieving physical fitness is the goal - creation of the body strong enough to withstand rigorous activities:

Pilates is stretch and strength with control.

Romana's Pilates is a classical method of authentic Pilates for has been developed and practiced for over 90 years. In recent years Pilates has been a buzz word in the media because the movie stars and elite athletes use it to maintain their shape. As it is low impact, flattens the abdominal muscles and reshapes and sculpts the whole body without stressing the joints. Dancers, Golfers, Football players, tri-athletes, ice skaters and gymnasts all understand the importance of alignment to reduce muscle imbalance and improve muscle firing patterns.

The practice of authentic Pilates brings many benefits which include:

  • strengthens core and flattens the abdomen
  • builds stamina
  • builds strength
  • improves flexibility
  • corrects soft tissue imbalances
  • prevents back pain
  • corrects poor posture and alignment
  • creates a more streamlined and sculpted body
  • improves balance and coordination
  • trains body and mind
  • increases lung capacity
  • improves biomechanics by getting the muscles to work with anatomical efficiency
  • teaches effortless and graceful movement

'Powerhouse' - the lower back, lower and upper abdominals, buttocks and hips. Focus of Pilates is to address deep muscle groups that are basic to joint stability, thereby increasing strength from the core of the body - the Powerhouse. From here we work on strengthening the extremities - arms, shoulders and legs. Exercises in Pilates incorporate stretch in all aspects of your body - the front, back and sides. Each Pilates exercise has an equal balance of stretch and strength to work toward more functional movements and better posture.  

Because your mind is required to engage with your body to perform the movements correctly, you experience a new awareness of muscle function and control. Pilates method works by using the muscles in synergy rather than isolation - the result is whole body strengthening.

To do Pilates properly requires you to work the whole system of apparatus. What can take years to correct on the mat alone can be addressed more directly and successfully using the entire Pilates system - the Reformer, Cadillac, high chair, wunda chair, spine corrector, large barrel, pedi-o-pull and many others. For example the spine corrector was initially designed to help correct the spine, open up the chest and hips.

What makes the classical Pilates method unique and different from modern Pilates, is it’s flow and dynamics of the movements using the transitions as an exercise in weight transference between movements, connecting all movements from one to another. It emphasizes the athletic, corrective, and organic nature of the system.

Joseph Pilates

 Started his way of training as a means of rehabilitating injured soldiers in hospitals during World War 1. Later on he and his wife Clara have developed and honed the system over the years of working with dancers and gymnasts out of their New York studio. Students included the likes of Martha Graham & Balanchine.

 "You're only as young as your spine is flexible."


Joseph Pilates

Joseph Pilates

Romana Kryzanowska

Romana Kryzanowska

Romana Kryzanowska

Joseph's disciple, professional ballerina and a legendary Pilates teacher. She has taught Pilates for over 6 decades. Joseph put Romana in charge of creating the training program for the students of Pilates and upon his death he passed his business to her. The rigorous program of training is unique in comparison to any institution - the knowledge is passed on via generations of Romana's family and extended family of teachers - her daughter Sari Mejia Santo, continues to deliver by teaching the next generation of instructors. Sari also had the opportunity to train directly with Joseph and Clara Pilates, and for over three decades taught by her mother’s side.

Staff at The Pilates Studio Dublin are trained and certified through Romana's Pilates® New York, the world's leading certification body for True Pilates in the Traditional method - Romana Krysanowska (1923 - 2013) Romana's Pilates® certification requires the completion of a minimum 600 hours during its apprenticeship to which there are three stages of examination to ensure competency and quality in all certified Romana Pilates ® Instructor. Our staff has been taught directly by Sari Mejia Santo and such great teachers as Cynthia Shipley, Jerome Weinberg , Jamie Trout, Cynthia Lochard, Anthony Rabara and many others.

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