Staying true to the original Pilates method, we believe in delivering an exceptional Pilates experience. The studio's main focus is on Private Instruction - Individual sessions & Duets. Alternatively we also provide semi-private small group classes (limited to 3-5 participants). This is done to guarantee you results and individual attention, without compromising traditional highly-effective teaching methods and quality of instruction.

Private VS Group Instruction?

Individual Instruction is at the heart of the method, it is the ideal way of learning traditional Pilates! If our group our classes is your preference, we highly recommend supplementing it with a Private or a Duet session at least once a month. Individual training is more then just a personal training - it is a learning experience and a focused environment that lets you learn Pilates according to your body. You will learn and experience significant return on your investment from Individual workouts, by seeing consistent progress and results. Read more.

First Time Students please Start Here

Be you a complete novice or an advanced movement practitioner 1 Individual session is an essential prerequisite prior to joining all our semi-private group classes. We take your spine health seriously! After the Initial Private session, you are good to drop in to group classes at your convenience, no course subscriptions & no contracts.

 Full Classical Trial - 3 Private 55 Minute Sessions - 139 EURo

Ideal for those completely new to Pilates or exercise, but not limited to it. Particularly great for those dealing with injuries or working with conditions & limitations. Also great for Advanced practitioners wishing to build on their practice. Allows you to learn at your own pace & sets you up for our drop in semi-private classes thoroughly.

The Essential Trial - 1 Private 55 minute session - 49 euro

Ideal fast track to our drop in semi-private Mat, Tower & Reformer Duet classes. Particularly great for those already active & injury free, wishing to use Pilates as a means of working on strength, stretch, performance & fitness. 

Semi- Private Small Group Instruction

Via Online class Schedule & By appointment

 Classes are ongoing, no need to join a course. You can always book either a one off session or get a better deal by buying a package!

Learn about Semi-Private Class Levels.

Private Instruction

 By Appointment Only

 Privates/Duets & Trios can be booked online via our secure MindBody system or contact us directly to assist with booking.

Class Descriptions & Rates

Private/Individual Session

The heart of the Method! Classes are focused on Pilates concepts and on translating that into your body - learning how to correctly engage using core principles of Pilates. Bespoke session using a mix of equipment - the Reformer, Cadillac, Wonder or High chair, Barrel, mat. What will it be?

1 Class: 75 Euro (See First Time 55% Discount)

Set of 5: 350 Euro (at 70 euro)

Duet Session

Train with a friend or a fellow studio trainee. Using the same principle as the individual session, this class enables you to improve at the same pace as your partner, while still getting personalised experience. A similar level partner needed. By appointment only.

1 Class: 50 Euro per person.

Set of 5: 45 Euro per person (225 euro)


Trio tower Class

3 students to 1 teacher (a Trio).Tower class is a combination workout: fine tune your mat exercises + add variety and resistance by using spring based Tower Unit system.

Book into a scheduled class or make an appointment for you & friends to share a fun workout at your convenience. Trio best works when done with friends or fellow studio trainees of a similar level.

1 Class: 40 Euro per person

Set of 5: 35 Euro per person (175 euro)

Semi-Private Mat Class

Found only in a dedicated classical studio, traditional ideals and methods make for a very effective mat class. Learn and practice classical mat order. A dynamic and energizing workout that with practice you can take home with you and do anywhere! Use your body and gravity. Depending on class level we sometimes add hand weights or a Pilates circle. At times you will also find yourself standing, sitting and moving gracefully around the studio. Most intimate class in town - Limited to 4-5 participants, mighty effective!

1 Class: 20 Euro

Set of 5 Classes: 18 euro per class (90 euro)

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Note: 1 Initial Private session is compulsory before joining our group classes.

Studio Policy

  • All appointments (One-to-Ones, Duets and Trios) are 55 minutes in length.

  • Mat/Tower classes are 50 minutes in length.

  • All cancellations for appointments - Private Instruction, Duets & Trios must be made 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged the full price of the service.

  • All cancellations for on the schedule Mat & Tower Classes must be made 6 hours in advance to avoid being charged the full price of the service.

  • Tower trio & group map available both by appointment or on a schedule.

  • All packages of 5 classes expire automatically 3 months after the date of purchase. If communicated ahead of time we can extend packages for 1 month.

  • All packages of 10 classes expire automatically 6 months after the date of purchase.