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Romana’s Pilates: UNPARALLELED CONCENTRATION of excellence

Romana's Pilates has literally dozens of high level master teachers who trained directly with Romana Kryzanowska (Joseph Pilates' chosen protegée).

It is because of this unparalleled concentration of excellent teacher trainers that Romana´s Pilates instructors are considered some of the best in the industry.

We work especially closely with senior instructors Marjorie Oron (Level Ix) Jane Poerwoatmojo (Level III), Cynthia Shipley (Level II), Jamie Trout (Level III) who were all personally selected by Romana Kryzanowska to train teachers. Rebecca Convey (Level |V) in London, UK.

Classical Pilates Teacher Training in Ireland, Europe & USA.

The Romana´s Pilates Instructor Training Program is one of the most respected Classical Pilates teacher training certifications in the world. 

The Pilates Studio Dublin is the only official Romana’s Pilates studio in Dublin that currently can support your program preparation & training journey through out Romana's Pilates Instructor Training.

Vlada Korolova is a Level V Romana's Pilates Instructor. We can guide you towards one of the nearest European certification centers. Our fully equipped studio can also support you through out your training journey.


Classical Pilates teacher’s Workshops

The Pilates Studio Dublin also runs Pilates teacher's workshops & masterclasses several times a year on various subjects with international guest instructors.

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We welcome Classical curious teachers of all lineages in our daily mat, tower & private classes. We also host monthly Pop Up Teacher’s classes where teachers get together for a fun themed workout. Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook below, to get timely updates on our Pop Up events.