All our teachers are certified through Romanaโ€™s Pilatesยฎ. Romana's Pilatesยฎ is New York's original & most renown classical Pilates school offering expert training on every piece of Pilates equipment. Its comprehensive training, high quality standards, over 10 decades of knowledge and traditional teaching methods ensure the safety, effectiveness, and success of our Pilates programming. Through a worldwide knowledge sharing network of teachers the school has forged a global reputation as being the highest standard of Pilates education. 


Class Details

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What we do?

Staying true to the ethos of the original Pilates method, we believe in delivering an exceptional Pilates experience.

Private Instruction:

The studio's main focus is on Individual Sessions & Duets.

Semi-Private Classes:

Our mat classes are limited to 5 participants.

Our Pilates equipment classes are limited to 3 participants.