The Pilates Studio Dublin's focus is on providing Private Sessions (Individual & Duet) and very small Group Classes (limited to 3-5 participants). We believe this is the best way to preserve high quality of instruction without diluting or deviating from classical Pilates ideals to guarantee you the most effective experience and results

The aim of the Pilates Method is not limited to rehabilitation. it creates a strong, balanced body that withstands and supports any rigorous activities.

Classical Pilates is a highly effective, efficient, and safe method of exercise when applied and taught correctly. Private Instruction is at the heart of the method. Traditional Pilates gives maximum results if introduced and practiced individually and in very small groups. In this way, your teacher can give individual corrections without stopping the flow of the class, and everybody’s needs can be addressed while the safety of all participants is maintained.

Individual instruction is much more than a personal training session. Here, you will learn Pilates according to your body. Your teacher helps you create new movement patterns that will gradually improve the way you move, stand, sit & do sports. Bad postural habits and constant over-use of compensating muscles is addressed. It is an investment, as in the end you come out with a new skill, fitter more aligned body and a focused mind set.

This is not to say that group classes don't work. If you enjoy them, keep taking them! Group sessions are a great way for you to hone your individual focus and practice what you’ve learned in your Private Sessions. Pilates Mat and Apparatus work support and improve each other. However, if group training is your preference, we strongly recommend supplementing with Private or Duet session at least once a month.


As your level of strength and control progresses - so does your level of training. Once students stay consistent and  get a decent base of Pilates concepts (firm intermediate level) they find it easy to also work out on their own in the studio or outside of it. The Advanced mat classes are not as limiting in numbers & can be enjoyed in bigger groups.


Our Instructor is certified in the True Pilates Method from the school of Romana Kryzanowska >