The Tower of Power

Author, Vlada Korolova

We know Pilates Reformer already! Get to know the mighty Pilates Tower.

Versatile and strength building. Pilates Tower makes for a fun work out. The Tower is a piece of Pilates equipment you should learn about. It adds variety and challenges the body in a new way to further stretch and strengthen the body for all of life's pursuits!

What is the 'Pilates Tower'?

At first glance it looks like a medieval torture device, but fear not! The Tower is a vertical unit that uses a variety of attachments - a roll-back bar, arm springs, leg springs and a push-through bar to provide a full body workout. Basically it uses a multitude of springs! The Pilates Tower is an extremely adaptable piece of Pilates equipment and like all other pieces of Pilates equipment can be used to further challenge or give support in order to address the functional needs of the advanced as well as the beginner Pilates enthusiast. 

History Bit: 

Throughout the 20th Century, Joe Pilates created diverse pieces of equipment to support his techniques and mat exercises. One of the largest of his inventions was the Cadillac or Trapeze table which combines a cushy big mat with a metal frame. It offers the practitioner different types of springs attached at varying locations on the frame for a multitude of resistance and level options. Later on in the 1980s a more compact version of the Cadillac was developed to be used in studios for individual and small group classes. Thus the Tower Unit ( also known as Wall Unit) with all the springs of the Cadillac was born. 

Reformers use springs which all are attached to a central anchoring point. The Tower offers a variety of springs in different locations, allowing the legs, arms and torso to work directly with the spring. The stable platform of The Tower makes it much easier to master the seated and standing exercises. 

Why do it?

You do it for significant ongoing improvement in your alignment, strength, muscle definition and stretch. It is an incredibly versatile, dynamic, fun and powerful workout. Pilates Tower offers all of these benefits from the first workout onward. 

Tower allows adjustment of springs and resistance for your height, weight, and strength. It lets you target legs, arms, bottom or any part of your body, while still using your core. It is a total body strengthening workout, without stress on your joints.

The stretch on a Tower is unparalleled! The Tower exercises assign a great deal of focus to opening the hips, chest, lengthening the spine and emphasis on breathing to deepen each stretch. A Tower class is guaranteed to leave you feeling taller and lighter.

Pilates mat when done properly also targets the full body, however it takes some time for Pilates novices to develop that full body awareness and knowledge of the exercises. With Tower you can access total body work immediately and also safely prepare for more advanced Pilates mat moves.

What to expect in a class?

You will typically warm up with a quick mat routine and then attack the tower from all angles - lying down, seated or standing!  With The Pilates Studio Dublin expect a personalized experience - with a class size of maximum 3 participants. Our professional and intensively trained teacher constantly ensures you are learning and having fun in this energy giving workout!

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Written by Vlada Korolova. 

Vlada is a Romana's Pilates teacher & proprietor of The Pilates Studio Dublin. Learn more about the author here.

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