Hone Your Teaching Skills: confident & skillful hands ON Workshop

  • Would you like to become more confident & practiced in your touch cues?

  • Are you confusing your students with your touch or are you guiding them towards intuitive development of their true potential?

  • Are you afraid that hands on cues will drive people away from your classes?

  • Would you like to learn how hands on ques can be useful, non invasive way of helping students achieve better long term results?

What will you learn?

This workshop will shift the focus of how we teach our students by spotlighting how skilled touch in Pilates can help clients & teachers achieve better results and create long term change. You will enhance the experience of the exercise in your body & foster concepts and connections that aren't currently on your radar. You will increase your teaching tool box and find where to spot a client to help their understanding of their own points of stability and how to spot to protect your own body. We will discuss cues and verbal feedback that will help your clients connect to their bodies. We will also look at some specific exercises to aid in your clients' changing needs.

  • learn the golden rules of safe hands on spotting

  • see specific, safe hands on techniques applicable to all schools of training

  • learn how to gain confidence in your hands on spotting

  • practice and try out your new hands on skills

  • learn how to improve your teaching style through touch ques

What makes this workshop unique is that you will also get to practice your hands new skills in a safe, professional & courteous environment under a guidance of a teacher. You will be encouraged to ask questions and give feedback as well as receive courteous feedback. This unique interactive experience can not be recreated in a large conference, online environment or learned from the book.

Who is this for?

This workshop is open to Pilates teachers of all schools, Physiotherapists and qualified fitness/movement coaches well versed in Pilates, interested in learning successful hands on spotting techniques. This workshop will include lecture and hands-on experience. Come prepared to move, touch and be touched.


Saturday 17th, November
2.15 - 4.15 pm

The Investment?

55 Euro
Places are limited to 10 participants

About The Teacher, Vlada Korolova


Vlada will draw upon her 14 years of experience in health & fitness industry in Ireland and around the globe. She holds an extensive certification in Romana's Pilates, sports massage therapy, personal training & fitness instruction, nutrition adviser, strength & conditioning, hard style kettle bell sport, undergraduate research into therapeutic & prenatal exercise & qualifications in group exercise classes of various modalities.

In the last 5 years Vlada has been exclusively focusing on studying Classical Pilates technique from the best teachers worldwide. She has put over 1000s of hours into her studies to date and learned Pilates from the best in Galway, New York, London & Netherlands. Passionate about Classical Pilates and lifelong learning she understands the importance of skill development and loves to share what she has learnt after years of in the industry.