Return to Life: Archival Mat Workshop

Experience the mat work from a different perspective, through Joe’s own words. 

This interactive workshop will begin with an advanced-level mat class, then delve into an in-depth look at all 34 exercises in Joseph Pilates’s book “Return to Life Through Contrology.” You’ll learn the specific, and sometimes surprising, ways that Joe taught the mat exercises. We will also cover the variations he used to teach these exercises to different students. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of how each exercise prepares you for another, as well the balance of challenge and reward within the mat work.

Who is this for?

Photo by Eric Sanford courtesy Jacobs Pillow co Dance Magazine

Photo by Eric Sanford courtesy Jacobs Pillow co Dance Magazine

Geared towards both Pilates instructors and students, this workshop will be a mixture of participating in the exercises, observing, and discussing archival books and photos. We ask that any attendees wanting to do the mat class and exercise demos be strong and use their own judgement in omitting or modifying any exercises not suited to their bodies. 


Sunday 5th February, 2017


75 euro


Amy Garner, is Romana’s Pilates certified instructor and co-owner of Pilates Haven in New Haven, Connecticut, USA.

Amy works with a range of clients, from athletes, to dancers, to people with physical limitations. She is particularly dedicated in helping & empowering people who have connective tissue disorders. She is dedicated to learning, taking extensive workshops both about Pilates and about anatomy, fascia, pre and post-natal care, and working with injuries. She continues to study and learn from some of the best Pilates teachers in the world, including Sari Mejia-Santo, Pam Pardi, Cynthia Shipley, Jamie Trout, Jerome Weinberg, Javier Velasquez, and more. Amy is proud to be bringing her knowledge, compassion, and detailed focus to clients around the world. Learn more about Amy & her Pilates journey here.