John's athletic endeavours

We are delighted to bring you some of the great Classical Pilates teachers from all around the world. Now you don't have to travel overseas to delve deeper into the origins of Pilates. You can 'go more Joe' & develop your Classical Pilates practice at The Pilates Studio Dublin. Introducing our next guest who loves sharing his passion & knowledge of Pilates, John McCarthy.

Author, John McCarthy.

John has always loved athletic endeavors. As a life-long hockey player raised in Minnesota, fitness was important to him. A debilitating labrum tear prematurely ended his hockey career, but he continued playing for fun and pursuing other forms of fitness, such as marathon running, skiing, and Pilates. In addition to being an athlete, John has studied and worked in acting, comedy, and casting.

John was introduced to Pilates nearly a decade ago at the New School University, where he took a semester-long class taught by Romana’s Pilates Level III instructor Pam Pardi. He loved the class so much that he began taking private sessions with Pam. Soon, John and his fiancée (now wife), Amy, began taking weekly duets with Pam, who shared with them her passion and knowledge.

Photos by Calvin Laszakovitz, taken at Park East Pilates, NYC.

The effects of Pilates made John feel elongated, taller, and stronger. He loved the combination of stretch and strength within the method. He realized that he wanted to share the improvement and progress that he saw in himself because of Pilates with others, and he enrolled in the Romana’s Pilates certification program at True Pilates New York, wanting to experience the most authentic and immersive program in the world.

Since finishing his Romana’s Pilates certification, John has continued training with many master instructors, including Sari Mejia-Santo, Cynthia Shipley, Jamie Trout, Sharyl Curry, Jerome Weinberg, Javier Velazquez and many others.

John teaches both at Park East Pilates in New York City and at the studio he and Amy own in New Haven, Connecticut, Pilates Haven. Working with a wide range of clients, including business executives, television and film producers, fashion designers, rugby players, dancers, magazine editors, and more, he has become known for his trademark flow and dynamic energy. John has a great eye for detail and can always find the fun in Pilates!

John is guest teaching at The Pilates Studio Dublin from Monday 4th September - Saturday 9th September, 2017. John, together with Amy Garner, is also presenting a Magic Circle & Arm Weights Masterclass on Tuesday 5th, September, 2017. 

Request a Private/Duet Session or book into a class with John to grow your own personal Pilates practice &/or help your students to create a powerful body & mind!