Our school , Romana's Pilates New York & Florida, has been teaching Pilates for over 90 years (how is that for credibility and credentials). We are here for the long haul no nonsense, no fads approach. We simply teach really great Pilates for all, be you a novice or an expert.

We don't want to ponder how great it is -  you will to feel it, see it and experience it for yourself once you try us even just for 3-5 sessions.

We want you to come back to us for an exceptional Pilates experience, real benefits and astonishing results. We don't just do a good workout, we would like you to feel that you learn more and get better with every session.Our philosophy focuses on total body strengthening and produces body with extremely strong core and lean sculpted physique through out. We can isolate, but the overall focus is

We are a global community of teachers focused on constant retraining and knowledge sharing, we want our trainees to be informed and to be part of the community. We walk the talk, our teachers embodied the method through rigorous apprenticeship, private sessions and group training, lead by the world's finest instructors. We don't just dip our toes into Pilates, we live the Pilates lifestyle and continue learning to bring you the best!

We would like to empower you to independence in training under safe guidance of a knowledgeable teacher. Know that by investing into training with us after mastering the technique you will be able to go on your own with us present just for occasional guidance. Yes you will have to stick to it, but within a year or a few, depending on your interest you will be able to do great Pilates all by yourself. We are strong believer into teacher - student relationship to achieve powerful change and transformation. We don't want a passive service provision aka the transaction.

How we train?

Our signature service in One-to-One sessions. We extend our offering to very small group classes. Private sessions are done not out of trend or exclusivity - years of teaching and our clients will tell you, that it just works best, fastest and safest and is an ideal way to learn Pilates. Authentic Romana's Pilates is unlike any other workout - it is a constant learning practice, art of progressions, art of smart movement that you carry through to your daily activities and extreme sports of your choosing.

We will be straight up with you - we deliver group training, but to achieve Pilates promising body changing benefits and experience the method properly - doing occasional Private sessions remain paramount part of training to achieve safe results and constant progress. Privates is where you get to practice Pilates proper - working your way through entire system of apparatus, that's where you get to focus and address your individual areas of challenge and achive breakthrough. Privates enrich and better group training. Small group training is where you get guidance to finesse your practice.

How often should I do Pilates? You can do Pilates everyday! If once a week is all you can do - super! We recommend 2 a week minimum for best results.

How often should I do Private sessions? In an ideal world, One Private session a week in addition to a group training class or two, and your golden! If weekly privates are not in your budget or to your liking do not despair. We suggest to prioritise a minimum of One Private Session every 4-6 weeks. Sounds achievable, right?!

We would like you to learn the methodology of movement and conditioning that will get you progressive results, empower you to move well within your body, and give you a body of a well balanced musculature and a clear focused mind, so that your ready to conquer anything from daily life activities to extreme sports. Our philosophy focuses on total body strengthening and produces body with extremely strong core and lean sculpted physique through out. We specialise in really great Pilates for all. Be you a novice or an expert we can deliver a unique training practice designed just for you no matter your age or physical condition.

We train apprentices to become teachers and empower students to become champions of their bodies. At Authentic we are firm believers that the power of a student teacher relationship is a single most important catalyst to physical and personal transformation. We would like to share our knowledge and empower you to be the

not by a means of a quick magical solution, but by maintaining strict quality standards and teaching you a technique that builds a foundation to support all your real life activities no matter your age or physical condition.

strong flexible balanced body for life through safe constant progress & results.

Integrity Progress Quality Results Experience You

 We believe that the combination of individualised resistance training, bodyweight training and a focused mental approach to symmetrical strengthening is the formula for any body in any condition at any age. This centered approach increases muscle strength, flexibility, range of movement, prevents and manages pain, assists in prevention and recovery from injury, produces a leaner, more sculpted body and a clear focused mind.

Authentic Pilates creates and provides one of a kind training for all fitness enthusiasts, be you a novice or an expert. Our dedication to quality movement and high standards of Authentic Pilates System (Romana's Pilates, New York) provides a winning combination whole body workout. We train apprentices to become teachers and teach students to become champions of their own bodies.

At Authentic we believe that the power of the student teacher relationship is the single most important catalyst to personal and physical transformation. We believe that the human body should be prepared to perform at any given moment and that the best foundation for fitness is a routine that supports your real life and all your activities.

We inspire students to greatness, teachers to excellence and the industry to evolve and expand.


At Authentic we are passionate about quality movement and progressive results from the start.

. helping each individual to achieve a very strong, flexible, balanced body to support anything from daily activities to extreme sports.

Our philosophy emphasizes whole-body strengthening, the value of linking breath and mindfulness to produce quality movement.

  to help you stay ahead of the competition and improve quality of you life be you a novice or an expert.

Our speciality is One-on-One sessions and very small Group Training (max 3-5 participants). We deliver unique bespoke experience and are accordingly highly skilled in traditional Pilates (Romana's Pilates, New York).

We deliver premium quality bespoke training, with focus on your individual needs, quality technique and safe constant progress.

We pride ourselves on very extensive expertise and ability to cater to all, be you a novice or an expert we can design a unique session just for your individual needs.

Our clients walk away feeling immediate effects and constant progressive results.

To guarantee quality experience and customer satisfaction a minimum of 1-2-3 Private Sessions is required to enter our Small Group Classes.