With ‘Pilates’ being such a buzzword, this name is thrown about everywhere with ease, from health clubs to community halls. It is easy to see why anyone could be confused about what the Pilates method is really about.

Not All Forms Of ‘Pilates’ Are The Same

There are many different schools of thought in Pilates. Some follow a physiotherapy-based approach which focuses on rehabilitation and recovery while others combine traditional Pilates with other training methods like fitness, dance and yoga. In this way, Joseph Pilates' original work has been diluted and confused over time, and many establishments that claim to offer “Pilates” are really teaching Pilates-inspired fitness programs that bear little resemblance to the real thing.

What Makes The Pilates Studio Dublin different

We are the first studio in Dublin to offer the full traditional Pilates Method including all 500 classical exercises and each original apparatus. Our curriculum of exercises and execution techniques are very different. While we teach the original method that Joseph Pilates developed and taught, exercises are modified to fit each individual’s level of strength or history of injury. Instructor and client will work together to progress to the ultimate goal of working the full system of exercises without modification while attaining your unique and personal fitness goals along the way.

Joseph Pilates’ unique training regimen has proven itself for almost 100 years as a successful and safe method of exercise for all – provided it is  taught and applied correctly. Our staff are dedicated to continuing education and deepening the knowledge of Pilates.

Our mission is to maintain the integrity of Joseph Pilates’ original work in its purest possible form. Our clients safety and progress as well as the quality of instruction is at the centre of our teachings. Knowledge sharing, teacher - student relationship & clients independence are just some of the things that help our students achieve and excel at their goals. The Pilates Studio Dublin teacher is trained & certified through Romana's Pilates® New York