The Studio

A Pilates Studio that embodies authentic Pilates in accordance with the traditions of original Joseph Pilates methods.

Our speciality is - premium quality Pilates for all - be you a novice or an expert.

Our teachers have undergone years of training and study with the Romana’s Pilates School, New York. We are active participants in a strong global network of teachers who follow these same principles, with regular knowledge sharing and retraining.

We provide a premium Pilates experience on an individual or small group basis. We emphasize an ongoing relationship with a clear development path. Intensive hands on instruction with the correct equipment is the basis of our practice. We offer private one-to-one sessions and small group classes with a maximum of 3-5 participants.


At Authentic Pilates Dublin we proudly teach traditional authentic Romana's Pilates® Method, New York, USA. We have comprehensive knowledge of the entire Pilates system of exercises; over 500 exercises, for all apparatus (equipment) and mat.

The emphasis is on technique, with special attention paid to biomechanics and form. Our specialisation - is really great quality Pilates for all - i.e. We are equally suitable for the fit or unfit, the healthy or injured and the novice or expert.

We can design a customized and beneficial practice for all situations, be you desk bound, recovering post operation, swinging gold balls, managing scoliosis, wrestling it out on the rugby pitch, swinging from trapeze under a circus roof or teaching Pilates.

We offer packages that meet many different goals – shaping up, maintaining youthful flexibility, recovery from physical ill health at all ages, for professional athletes, and training for Pilates teachers. We can help you achieve a strong body, excellent posture and great flexibility.


 Our equipment is made by industry's finest - GRATZ, that uses the exact same design originally developed by the father of Pilates himself and have proven to be the most effective because of its precision allowing the full benefit of the true Pilates. We have gone the extra mile of being on a waiting list and importing it to you all the way from Philadelphia, USA.

Bottom Line

 As Joseph Pilates did, we strive to help you create a body that is capable of helping you go beyond simple day to day tasks, we strive to make you strong and fit for any gruelling work, fast sports, active lifestyle.

We believe that health and fitness is an active pursuit. Hairdressers have clients—people who passively receive something - a haircut. We have students who want to learn what we know. Everyone is welcome!

If you would like to consciously deal with the body and mind and recognize the potential for personal development in the bodywork, we would love to meet you!