Class Levels


Semi-Private Class levels

Gentle Level - Gentle yet not easy. It is suitable for newcomers to the studio who wish to ease into Classical work & those with more experience who are working with certain limitations. The pace is more mindful yet effective, which allows time to work with any injuries or imbalances practitioners might have. Class also utilities Pre Pilates work known for its restorative benefits.

Essential Level - Open to beginners & anyone who wishes to learn or revisit the basics. Great for addressing muscle imbalances & some injuries, getting stronger, more flexible & finding your Powerhouse.

Open Level - for anyone from beginners to intermediate with a base of fitness, dynamic pace. Address imbalances & deepen the work, strengthen & challenge your Powerhouse, learn exercise transitions here.

Intermediate+ Level - suitable for anyone with plenty of studio experience, athletic and dynamic, builds stamina, requires Powerhouse and knowledge of Romana's Pilates intermediate order of exercise names, execution & transitions (learned in an Essential & Open level classes).

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