March Pop Up Masterclass - Strengthening From The Ground Up

‘Enjoy a vigorous total body Intermediate Mat in the finest traditions of Romana's Pilates Intermediate Exercise Order’


The Class

We will explore how different foot placement can transform some of the exercises & learn how paying attention to alignment can aid efficient execution.

We will also look look at strengthening the body form the ground up.

In addition to mat you will also enliven, massage & strengthen your feet by drawing on a number of seated & standing exercises from the Pilates system. Learn to use some of the Classical Pilates tools like the towel, 2 by 4 board & the Toe Corrector to help us achieve further results.

The Details

This class is open to all teachers & experienced Pilates students. Please wear toe separating socks or be prepared to work barefoot. Class is taught by Vlada Korolova, Romana’s Pilates teacher Level V.

The Investment:

25 Euro. Places are limited to 8 participants.


Saturday 23rd March 12-1.30pm